Honeywell Viper GLX Shock Sensor with Door Contact – White

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Product Description

When it comes to Perimeter Protection, Viper is the brand that has become the generic term, accepted by all as the market leader – with over 2,000,000 units having being fitted worldwide.


Immediate indication of attack at point of attempted entry – The intruder will be detected as soon as they attempt entry – you will be able to pinpoint the exact location of attack. This is indicated by a flashing LED on the activated detector.

Detection before entry is gained – The potential intruder can be alerted to their detection prior to gaining entry. This may cause the intruder to flee and so preventing the opportunity for a crime to take place.

Minimal damage – Due to early detection and alert, the damage caused should be limited in scope and cost.

 24-hour protection – The alarm system can be left permanently SET, protecting the perimeter at all times

Occupants and pets – Throughout the night your freedom of movement and that of your animals will not be hampered, as might be the case with purely internal PIR detection.